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Happy Birthday Harry Potter

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Harry Potter turns 27 today. Yes, I know that he’s a fictional character and yes, I’m still in denial. So shut up.

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One thought on “Happy Birthday Harry Potter

  1. oh. my. god.hi! i’m just a passerby googling for places to picnic in singapore. so lo and behold! your blog’s the first on the list! because i trust google that the 1st on the lsit is the most relevant, i choose it. anyways, it didnt really help much for me. but i MUST say your blog is mighty interesting. i was browsing around, kaypohing here and there, and i saw under tags: HARRY POTTER (11). i was WHOOHOO!!! HARRY POTTER FAN!!!!I’M A HARRY POTTER FAN TOO OMG! and i’m NOT 10 or 12, but coughtwentycough. i cant believe you wished him happy birthday!and ALL the posts about harry potter, you waiting for DH, and the movie. ooooh it gives me chills to find another fanatic (im not stalking you. seriously a passerby) looking forward to more of your entries! and come visit my blog~!