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You Didn’t Think I Would Update Did You?


I’m still in denial regarding the end of the HP series. I can’t stop watching the movies, re-reading the books and the fanfiction. OMG, the fanfiction. Lets just say that I’m trying to work out this obsession. So to prevent this entry from degrading into another HP-fest, here’s a little Wednesday Mind Hump meme on ice-cream:

Cone, waffle cone, or dish? – I like all of them actually. If I’m on a shopping trip and want a quick treat, a cone would do but if I’m taking it easy and just chilling out, I’d get a dish.

What flavors (you get three scoops)? – Oooh.. hard choices. I would say, coffee, raspberry ripple and mint. Not much of a chocolate fan.

What toppings? – Nuts and fudge sauce.

Who are you going to share it with? – Depends on who’s interested in sharing. I don’t mind

That was simple wasn’t it? Now, I need to go back to my GoF.

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2 thoughts on “You Didn’t Think I Would Update Did You?

  1. Wow, don’t like chocolate? Wow.

  2. Thanks for humping! I forgot about nuts, those are always good on ice cream.