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Haha! Guess What?

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I actually finished reading Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows at 5pm earlier today but there won’t be any spoilers from me. I even managed to catch the 7pm show of OoTP.

Regarding the book, I have this to say:

She killed my ship but it’s not that we expected Draco to end up with Ginny in the first place.

The book answered my questions and most of the things that I thought would happen, were correct. Quite a few characters died and all of them I never expected. To say that I teared up when the characters fell, was a severe understatement. Yes, I have a lot of emotion invested in this series. I read the book for seven hours straight, right through lunch and almost tea time too. Definitely a record for me. I’m going to have to re-read the book again soon, because I don’t really want it to end. It’s like LoTR all over again. At least there’s two more movie to wait for.

Speaking about movies, I rather liked this fifth one. Dan Radcliffe was gorgeous and muscular brilliant in his portrayal as angsty Harry, Gary Oldman was awesome as usual, Helena Bonham Carter was amazing and the greatest surprise for me was Matthew Lewis, the guy who acted as Neville Longbottom in the movies. The boy grew up fine. He’s tall and was actually kind of better looking than Rupert Grint, who’s actually one of my favourites in the movie. Anyway, for a movie that was based on a book, it’s actually quite good. It’s understandable why they had to chop a few things out of the book but somehow, most of the storyline isn’t affected by the chop. They did a rather wonderful job of the movie. I might even want to watch it again I think.

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One thought on “Haha! Guess What?

  1. I agree…it is like LOTR!