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Will I Ever Stop Talking About Harry Potter?

Update: Tickets to watch OoTP on Saturday have been booked! Harry Potter overload on Saturday I tell ya.

The answer is no. If you didn't already know (dude, which planet have you been on?), the book is coming out this Saturday. That's three days. Count it. One. Two. Three. How can I stop talking about Harry when I'm doing my best to re-read that last two books before Friday? Or when I dream about the damn books because I'm stupid enough to read them before going to bed? Or when MamaPop posted links to naked pictures of Daniel Radcliffe ( this and this)? Seriously, did you actually think I'll stop talking about it this week? Well, you just have to wait until after the 21st of July then. I may stop talking about Harry then.

So anyway, I finally finished Order of The Phoenix last night, finishing the last part of it (which was a third of the book) in four hours. I read very fast so deal with it. It's been four years since I last read the book, so is it strange that it makes me very sad when Sirius died? I'm actually sadder about it now than I was when I first read the book. Strange huh? Maybe it's due to the fact that I took my time reading it this time around instead of rushing to finish it, like the last time. Overall, I didn't think it was as bad as I thought it would be. It may not be one of my favourite books and Harry's definitely an irritating prick in the book, but I understand why he's so angsty and speaking in CAPITAL LETTERS ALMOST ALL THE FUCKING TIME. I might actually go back and re-read it again some time in the future.

I started on Half-Blood Prince (HBP) this morning and some how, I don't think Snape is evil. At least I hope he isn't but we'll see in book seven now won't we?

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