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On Reading OoTP, Pt 2

Remember this? Actually I lied. I hadn’t started re-reading the book yet when I wrote that entry. In actual fact, I only started last night. One thing I will never learn is NEVER TO READ A BOOK WITH MAGIC IN IT BEFORE BED. Why? I’ll tell you why. No one wants to dream about running away, wand in hand, from Voldermort. Watching the making of OoTP made it a little worse. Basically, the dream was like superimposing the scenes from the movie onto scenes from the book as I see it in my head. It’s damn confusing I tell you.

I never thought that I would ever do it but I actually lugged my hardcover edition of OoTP to work to day. It’s a whole kilogram (trust me, I weighed it) and I just lugged it to work, through the packed train and the walking in the sun. On top of that, I forgot how hooked I can get when I start reading HP, be it the books or the fanfic. So you can imagine how hard it was for me to put the book down when I got into the office.

Anyway, there’s much work to be done. Harry Potter will need to wait.

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