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What I Do When I’m Waiting For Lunchtime


Mint tea (pun not intended) does wonders for crampiness.

1. A person is a person.

2. Friendship is important.

3. To love is too feel such happiness and pain but you wouldn't trade the feeling for anything in the world.

4. Money makes me happy yet scared. Shopping! Bills! *shudder*

5. I miss being with you.

6. My way of saying I care is to say it all the time .

7. I try to spread love and happiness everyday! World Peace!

8. Pick the flowers when no one is looking since, you know, destruction of public property an all that.

9. To love someone is to fully accept them for all the good parts and bad.

10. Beauty is a perception.

11. When I was thirteen, what I remember the most is how much I hated high school.

12. When I was twenty one, I was away from home for the first time .

13. I am most happy when I'm curled up with a book while he sits next to me doing what ever it is that he's doing.

14. Nothing makes me happier than books, good movies to watch, good music and him.

15. If I can change one thing, i will make my mum well again.

16. If smiles were like money then the happy people would be rich.

17. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all do our part and save the earth. While we're at it, maybe world peace too?

18. If you want to be my lover then you have to get with my friends.  Guess where these lyrics are from?

19. Money is not everything but it's also not the only thing. Though I wouldn't say no to money.

20. The most touching moment I have experienced is when he surprised me at my work place.

21. I smile when I'm happy. Duh!

22. When I am happy, I smile (duh!) and laugh.

23. If only I don't have to work ,then I'll either stay at home (but that would end up being totally boring) or go back to school.

24. The best thing I did yesterday was to sleep early.

25. If I ever write a book, I will give it this title: Why I Killed Them All, Those Bastards.

26. One thing I must do before I die, is to travel to more places and see the world.

27. Doing this, I am having cramps. Not fun I tell you.

Now, go on and do it. Let me take a peek of what's in your mind.

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2 thoughts on “What I Do When I’m Waiting For Lunchtime

  1. zig a zig ahhhguess where those lyrics arer from! 😛

  2. It’s the same song!