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The Movie About Non-Biological Entities

Apparently, the movie to watch this summer is Transformers. Too many people have told me to watch it, that it’s the awesome of most awesome movie ever and all that. However, I don’t put much stock in other people’s gushing of awesomeness for movies since half the time, we have different tastes and expectations in movies. So, I had to watch it for myself before I could pass judgement.

When the movie started with the sounds of them transforming, I couldn’t help but smile as it reminded me of the original cartoon series; during a time when everything was simpler and so much more fun and interesting. I found the movie a little draggy in the first half but I guess the second half made up for it with fast paced action, much explosions and people running and screaming. On the whole I really liked it, much more than Spiderman 3. The dialogue may not be the best but the CGI was amazing.

There were some differences that they did to the characters which I didn’t like that much but I guess they had to do it to fit into the movie. They changed the way Megatron looks and what he transforms into. I really wish they hadn’t done that, though he’s still as evil which sort of makes it a little better. Bumblebee was supposed to be a VW Beetle instead of a Camaro but when you think about it, a Camaro is sexier than a Beetle and isn’t that what all teenage boys want? A sexy ride to attract the girls?

Anyway, my nephew asked which part of the movie I liked best and to tell you the truth, I couldn’t pick one out because I was a little distracted towards the end of the movie. Well, I had to pee really badly, I mean reeeeaaaaally badly but I couldn’t leave because then I would miss out on the fighting parts and that wouldn’t be fun. Actually, waiting for the movie to end so that I could pee wasn’t fun either but I digress. So, I guess I’ll just have to watch it again just so that I can answer his question.

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