Oh Look, Krill!

Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

I Don’t Hate Dogs

They just scare me. A lot. On the way to work this morning, I was happily minding my won business when this stray mongrel popped out of no-where and scared me shitless. As my usual reaction. I screamed. Really loud, like someone was trying to murder me or at least do something bad. I think it gave the dog a start since it immediately changed directions and avoided me like the plague. I mean, wouldn't you scream if you see a dog the size of a pony (OK I'm exaggerating but I was traumatised, so shut up) barrelling at you at almost full speed? Of course with all the screaming, everyone there stopped and turned in my direction. Slightly embarrassed by that but at least the dog went away without bothering me right?

Anyway, I have no idea where the dog came from. We have more than a few stray cats in my neighbourhood but we rarely ever have a stray dog. I wish someone would take it to the pound or something but I know that it'll only be put down if it ends up there. As long as our paths don't cross again. I'll be very happy.

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Retail Therapy Entry #2

I love dressing up. Don’t you? Even if it’s just to go to the bookstores in the city with my sister. It’s been a while since I really dressed up, you know, with make up, nice clothes and high heels, so I thought why not? Besides, it’s been a while since I last wore my high, high heels. The kill my feet but I love the fact that I tower (or at least about the same height) over majority of the guys I meet. I also love the fact that The Significant Other is still taller than I when I wear them. Tall men = sexy.

I may not have gotten anything this time, just a comic book (Crisis on Infinite Earths) and some CDs (Origin of Symmetry by Muse and The Bravery’s self-titled album), but it felt good to do a little shopping. Too much Harry Potter in the brain is never good, even if I’m still reading the fanfiction. Anyway, too bad that I couldn’t find Infinite Crisis, or I would have gotten that one too. I’m on a graphic novel phase at this moment. Replacing one obsession with another, some people might say, but that’s OK. As long as I don’t take it overboard.

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Yoga was rather brutal today. It’s been increasingly more complicated in the poses and the muscle burn afterwards last longer too. Even the hot shower I usually have after the session didn’t really help to ease the pain. However, my body has never felt so loose either. It’s only been five sessions of yoga and I really do feel more flexible. Now, if only I can get to practicing at home.

Anyway, I’ve recently discovered two new artist, for me at least, Muse and Amy Winehouse. I found Muse by chance actually, while playing with the iLike application on Facebook. Even though I’ve got only one of their albums, Absolution, I like what I hear. As for Amy Winehouse, the ladies at MamaPop have been singing her praises for the past and I wanted to see what the hype was all about. When I found out that my current favourite song was by her, I knew I had to get it.

Song: Hysteria
Artist: Muse
Album Absolution

You know, it’s too bad that Singapore can’t get access to Pandora Radio anymore. I would love to find more music like those two above. Anyone has any suggestions?

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You Didn’t Think I Would Update Did You?

I’m still in denial regarding the end of the HP series. I can’t stop watching the movies, re-reading the books and the fanfiction. OMG, the fanfiction. Lets just say that I’m trying to work out this obsession. So to prevent this entry from degrading into another HP-fest, here’s a little Wednesday Mind Hump meme on ice-cream:

Cone, waffle cone, or dish? – I like all of them actually. If I’m on a shopping trip and want a quick treat, a cone would do but if I’m taking it easy and just chilling out, I’d get a dish.

What flavors (you get three scoops)? – Oooh.. hard choices. I would say, coffee, raspberry ripple and mint. Not much of a chocolate fan.

What toppings? – Nuts and fudge sauce.

Who are you going to share it with? – Depends on who’s interested in sharing. I don’t mind

That was simple wasn’t it? Now, I need to go back to my GoF.

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Haha! Guess What?

I actually finished reading Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows at 5pm earlier today but there won’t be any spoilers from me. I even managed to catch the 7pm show of OoTP.

Regarding the book, I have this to say:

She killed my ship but it’s not that we expected Draco to end up with Ginny in the first place.

The book answered my questions and most of the things that I thought would happen, were correct. Quite a few characters died and all of them I never expected. To say that I teared up when the characters fell, was a severe understatement. Yes, I have a lot of emotion invested in this series. I read the book for seven hours straight, right through lunch and almost tea time too. Definitely a record for me. I’m going to have to re-read the book again soon, because I don’t really want it to end. It’s like LoTR all over again. At least there’s two more movie to wait for.

Speaking about movies, I rather liked this fifth one. Dan Radcliffe was gorgeous and muscular brilliant in his portrayal as angsty Harry, Gary Oldman was awesome as usual, Helena Bonham Carter was amazing and the greatest surprise for me was Matthew Lewis, the guy who acted as Neville Longbottom in the movies. The boy grew up fine. He’s tall and was actually kind of better looking than Rupert Grint, who’s actually one of my favourites in the movie. Anyway, for a movie that was based on a book, it’s actually quite good. It’s understandable why they had to chop a few things out of the book but somehow, most of the storyline isn’t affected by the chop. They did a rather wonderful job of the movie. I might even want to watch it again I think.

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Harry Potter Day Live Blogging

Never tried live blogging before. So, here goes.

7:00am Front door opened in anticipation of the book delivery

7:01am Delivery is supposed to start now. Since I just stepped out of the shower. I need to go and put on some clothes too. Greeting the postman in my towel isn’t good.

7:11am still no sight of the postman. I know, there are so many people out there that they need to deliver to but still… I want my book now!

7:14am I heard sounds coming from the corridor but it just turned out to be something in the kitchen. Dammit!

7:17am The anticipation is killing me! I heard the lift ping on my floor and my heart started to race. I think I need a little distraction like, I don’t know, maybe the Goblet of Fire movie and some breakfast.

7:31am PD said her book arrived and I’m still waiting! No fair!

8:01am It’s been an hour and still haven’t gotten my book. Did they lose my address or something?

9:07am Still no book yet and GoF movie is almost over.

9:34am It’s starting to rain now. I can’t believe that I’m actually watching Prisoner of Azkaban.


I won’t be online for the next few days. I’m on a DH hiatus.

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