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Hue Mai?

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I finally managed to satiate my craving for Thai Green curry last night by cooking it myself using the recipe that I found on the Temple of Thai. It was awesome! It was thick, spicy and most importantly of all, green. In some places, I’ve seen that the green curry was not green but instead, it was yellow. Strange don’t you think? Anyway, the curry was a success and approved by all who have tasted it. The most satisfying part of cooking is not only finally getting to eat it but also to know that other people enjoy your cooking. That is one of the main reasons why I love cooking so much.

For more info on what/how I did, refer to the food blog.

In other non-food related stuff, this came in the main today. I’ve been waiting for this to arrive for a week and now that it’s here, I’m itching to watch it this exact moment but my mum’s monopolising the TV watching her shows, so I can’t. Sigh….

CSI:Miami is somewhat campy for a forensics show but I care not for it has Horatio Caine. He can stand with his hands on his hips in front of me any time. And his shades, so sexy. Makes me want to lick him all up. Was that a disgusted snort I hear coming from you readers; all three of you? He’s old and wrinkly you say? Well, I still think that Sean Connery is still sexy even at this age. And Harrison Ford? *swoon* I only came to the conclusion that Brad Pitt is sexy after he hit his 40s. Something about those crows feet and wrinkles really turns me on.

Yes, I do find older men sexy but that does not mean that I would hit on any old man on the street. I still have standards, you know. Anyway, don’t make fun of me for my choices in lead actors. They’re sexy to me and it’s all that matters.


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  1. yeah, the green curry was really good. more, please!! 😛