Oh Look, Krill!

Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.


I can’t remember the last time my family went out on a picnic to the beach. It’s got to be more than 15 years I think. The last few times I went to the beach for a picnic was with the significant other’s family and that’s what I did today. It’s also been ages since I’ve been in a truck and I did both today. I took a ride in a truck to the beach, biatches!

Unfortunately, it rained as usual but I had fun nonetheless. There was much food which I didn’t eat, not because it wasn’t tasty but due to being still full from breakfast. Food was followed by swimming. At the beach. Something that I haven’t done it at least a decade. I’ve never been fond of beaches since I can’t see my feet and the waves are usually big enough to pull me out into deeper water (read: any level above my head or where my feet can’t touch the ground. Wait, is that the same thing? Oh well, what ever.)

So anyway, the swimming. Well, it wasn’t so much of swimming but more floating around aimlessly and splashing about like a beached whale. The significant other was very good at preventing me from floating away to Batam, calming my fears and making sure I don’t drown. He’s dependable like that.

The picnic was cut short due to the heavy rain but I really had fun. I think I might look forward to another picnic if it happens.

On a side note, Red Bull makes me do and say things that I wouldn’t normally do or say. I’ve been called funnily scary. *winks*


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