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Man, I Feel Like A Woman

No matter how painful or how gross it gets, I love being a woman and here’s why.

    1. The pretty clothes
    Sometimes I might think that the guys clothes are nice but I think we have prettier clothes. All those colours, the embroideries and the different materials that they use; so beautiful. Though sometimes the designs suck (remember the ah lian styles of the late 90s early 2000s?) but this season, they have such pretty dresses. The designs are very retro though it’s so hard to find the ones with cap-sleeves since most of them are either strapless or sleeveless.

    2. The pretty make-up
    I’m a late bloomer when it comes to make-up, only discovering the full potential of it in my 20s. I’m still not great at applying it (seeing that I rarely go all out with the make-up, using only loose powder and lip balm on most days) but I can’t resist browsing through the colours and palettes that they have at the counters every time I go to the mall. I love the sparkly, shiny ones that they have this season and I just found that Revlon has a new eyeshadow line out and I can’t wait to check it out.

    3. The gorgeous accessories
    I’m not that big with accessories since it’s rather hard to wear them while working in the lab. The only thing that I do love to accessorise with are earrings; long, sparkly, chunky ones. Of course I would wear the long ones to work but I try to wear them at every given opportunity. I love the feeling of its weight on my earlobes and they way they swing when I move. It may sound silly but it makes me feel a little sexy when I wear them.

Yes, the short list might be rather superficial but I think that every female would want to look good, and when you look good, you feel good. Feeling good goes a long way in making a woman feel confident.

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