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A Bond-ing Movie Review

I’ve never been a big fan of the James Bond films. I did like Pierce Brosnan as Bond and I was rather disappointed that when they dropped him. I didn’t think that Daniel Craig would be able to pull it off as 007 but after watching Casino Royale tonight, I’ve changed my mind.

He may not have been the suavest, smoothest or even the best looking Bond, but he held his own. He also has the clearest blue eyes I’ve ever seen on anyone. His dialogue was witty, sarcastic and funny. I rather enjoyed the movie actually. He was beat up often in the movie and almost always bleeding, at least from a few cuts and scratches on his face, which I really liked because to me, it shows that he’s human. I liked the movie for the lack of CGI and gadgetry, unlike the previous Bond movies I’ve watched. It was almost all old school stuff, except for the rampant use of mobile phones; which I’m not complaining about. This movie has few intimate scenes too, which is a change that I like. Though for someone who writes erotica, that’s not what you would think now would you? Anyway, moving on. I liked that we see James mostly dressed in smart casual clothes and Daniel Craig looks extremely good in almost everything they gave him, even the hot pants swimwear he had on at the beach.

I’ve never heard of Daniel Craig before this movie but I’m definitely going to look out for him in other movies, especially if they’re coming up with more Bond movies. This movie has everything I love about movies – action, romance, beautiful scenery and an appealing male lead. So, if I was a movie critic (which I’m not obviously) I would give this movie four stars, and I’m not even a Bond fan.

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