Oh Look, Krill!

Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

Guess What I Brought Back From Brisbane?

A corneal ulcer/infection in my right eye! Woopedydoo!

What was first thought to be just dryness in the eye while I was in Brisbane, turned out to be more serious that I thought. I’d bought some eye drops at the chemist while I was there and it did relieve some of the soreness but towards the end of the week, my right eye was red and on Sunday night, I saw something suspicious on the iris, this glob of white stuff.

I spent two hours early this morning at the polyclinic, waiting for my turn to see the doctor. I was disappointed when she said that I had to go to the hospital because she couldn’t prescribe me anything. So, after waiting half an hour for my appointment to be set up, I went down to the hospital, where I spent the next three hours of my life just for a total time of 15 minutes to register, get a consultation and collect my medication. The rest of the time was spent waiting.

So, now that I’m at home, I have to put eye drops every hour today and go back to the hospital again tomorrow for a check up. I hope that all is well and that it won’t be anything serious.

The one good thing I got from this was and extended off time. The doctor gave me three days of sick leave so I’ll only be back at work on Friday. At least I get to rest at home and get over my jet lag. Though, I don’t suggest that everyone to get corneal infections just to get extra off days. The eye hurts like a bitch and the eye drops really stings the eyes.