Oh Look, Krill!

Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

Brisbane Day 6: Trip to The Zoo

The day started out really early with us  (DC’s family and I) leaving the house at 8.30am. We were joined by a couple who came for the barbecue yesterday. We took a drive up to Calbooture Market which is a weekend flea/veg market about an hour’s drive from the city.The place was HUGE and there were so many things from old furniture, clothes, fruits, food and so much more. We didn’t manage to walk the entire market since it was so big but I enjoyed the area that we went to. I bought some macadamia nuts for my mum since I couldn’t find anything else that she might like. DC bought enough groceries for the rest of the month since it was going for so cheap. It’s about four times cheaper than you can get it at the supermarket and they’re all fresh. The cherries looked so good but I didn’t think I could bring them back successfully without squashing at least half so I didn’t want to try.
After the market, we drove up for another half an hour to the Australian Zoo. CRIKEY! It’s the home of the late Croc Hunter! I couldn’t believe that I was there and as excited as I was, I knew that it would have been so much more exciting if he was there. Anyway, it was so surreal to be walking around the exact same area he filmed his shows at and to see the croc pools and even the crocs that I usually see on TV was so awesome. We managed to catch the live snakes, parrots and croc show at the Crocoseum. There was much photo taking and laughing before we proceeded to take a walk up to the tiger enclosure.
On the way up to the Tiger Temple, we went through the Kangaroo Heaven and I managed to take some pictures with them and even touch them! Can you feel the excitement here?! Huh?! I. Touched. A. Kangaroo! How awesome is that!!!! They didn’t even mind that I was so close and touching them! Like, really touching them. The fur! And the touching! I think I’m going to hyperventilate.
So, after the roos, we walked up and saw the elephants totally covered in the mud. I guess it must have been so dry up here that they needed some relief from it. And then there were the tigers. Big, beautiful Bengal tigers. I can’t tell the difference between a Bengal and a Sumatran tiger since all tigers look alike. Unless they’re white that is, then that’s a different story. So, back to the tigers. They were awesome! Ok, how many times have I used the word awesome since I started? Oh hell, I don’t care because the whole thing was just AWESOME!.
After the tigers, we made our way down to through the koala enclosure and I got to pet it and take pictures! Again with the touching and the picture taking!! They’re so soft but we weren’t’ allowed to pick them up but that’s not the point. The point is, I GOT TO TOUCH THEM!!
After a stop at the food court where the food was not halal (only had fish and chips), expensive and the service wasn’t great, we went down to the otters and see them being fed. Cute little creatures they were. Then we left but just before we left, near the entrance, we saw Bindi Sue Irwin! She looks so much smaller in real life but just as cute. She decided to have a dance near the entrance and everyone who was there gathered around to watch and we took some pictures. She’s so pretty and so energetic, makes me almost want to hug her if it wasn’t for the security personnel around.
The exit was placed strategically so that you had to pass through the gift shop before you could leave so of course I had to buy some things. I got a few magnets, a tea towel and a sign to put up in my dad’s car. Overall, it’s been a tiring but very enjoyable day. Part of me is sad that I’m leaving tomorrow but the other part of me can’t wait to be back home. So, the next update most probably will be when I’m back home. Until then.