Oh Look, Krill!

Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

Brisbane Day 4: Slackers

We didn’t go anywhere out today. I spent the morning babysitting the little guy while his mum went for her driving lessons and his dad went to work. The meat that DC ordered early this morning arrived just as she came home so we spent the rest of the morning preparing marinate for the barbecue tomorrow. I spent most of the afternoon helping her make samosas and watching TV. Afternoon Aussie TV isn’t bad but that was just one channel. Well, it’s definitely better than brooding in the room and not doing anything.
Later in the afternoon we went down to Westfield where we searched for bamboo skewers for satay and only managed to find it after visiting 3 different supermarkets. Even then, the skewers were huge! HMV was having a sale with DVDs going for under $10 and under $20 so I got South Park the movie and the Bad Boys 1 & 2 collection.
After dinner, took a trip down to the Video EZY where they returned the ones that had and borrowed a few more. We watched Dave Chappelle as we skewered the marinated meat and man, is that guy funny! He was vulgar but so funny! I still prefer Russell Peters though but this guy comes in a close second. They’re currently watching Law & Order in the living room as I type this entry.
It’s been a rather normal day with nothing much to do  but I hope that it’ll be a nice fair weather tomorrow so that the barbecue would go smoothly. I look forward to meeting their friends here and hopefully I won’t gawk at them like I think I would.
Until the next update.