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Brisbane Day 3: Trip to The Butcher

Early this morning, after breakfast, we went to see the little guy’s doctor since his phlegm has yet to clear up. We bought a daily ticket for the bus and  about five to ten minutes later, we were at our stop. It was a very short visit to the doctor that left DC wondering if she should get a new doctor. He didn’t seem to do a thorough check and he didn’t really took notice of what DC told him about the little guy. I just hope that the little guy gets well soon. It’s hard to see a baby so small having difficulty breathing. The little guy actually snores when he sleeps and that is never a good thing.
So, after the short visit to the doctor, we went to the nearby chemist since the was a request for sorbelene back home. The shop was called the Chemist Warehouse with so many discount posters up so it wasn’t that much of a surprise to see everything so cheap. walking through the aisles, I was in heaven. Being the pharmacy store junkie that I am, to see so many different types of face wash, body care and even pharmaceuticals almost gave me an orgasm. I didn’t, but it was a close thing. There were so many things to choose from and it made Watson’s and Guardian look like nothing with the variety they have. Even the same brands that we have back home, like Clearasil and Cetaphil, were available in such a wide range that I wanted to get the whole lot, even if I don’t use the brand. After much looking around, I found the sorbelene and it was going for AUD$3/kg and I got two. I would have gotten more but then,* who’s going to pay for my overweight luggage huh? I also got for myself, lip conditioner since my lip balm doesn’t work over here. (I just tried it and my  lips haven’t felt this soft in ages.) Also, I got some eye drops for my plane ride back and they’re so much cheaper here than in Singapore. Can you see why I love the shop so much. I really wish that someone would open a branch back home so that I can go there every day just to look even if I don’t purchase anything.
After the chemist, we took a trip down to the city to go to the butcher’s. We dropped down at the Valley and walked into one of the shopping centers were we passed a shop called Loot. It had some very interesting, Asian-based decorative items. I bought a few pretty baubles for my sisters and myself. I would have bought more but see * above for the reason why. I would think that the butcher would have lots of hanging meat like they do in Europe but I was sadly disappointed when it turned out to be more like the halal meat section at Cold Storage than anything else. There were so many different kinds of meat and cuts that I don’t even know what each part is used for. DC obtained their card so that she could place an order later and off we went to the Asian grocers nearby.
To get to the Asian grocers, we had to pass Chinatown and it was exactly like every other Chinatown I’ve seen on tv; complete with the lion statues and the red gateway. I could smell the Asian grocers before I could see it and it smells exactly like the one in Kardinya, Perth; a mixture of dried foodstuff, fresh veggies, boxes of canned food and dust. I have this habit of tying memories with scent. So anyway, we walked through it and like almost any other Asian grocers I’ve been to in Australia, they have frozen durian. This shop has fresh and live fish too so I though that was rather interesting. We left with a large packet of coconut milk and a clutch of water cress (kang kong).
Oh before I forget, I got nougat too and I would have bought more but… well, you know. I even bought a souvenir golf ball and pins for my dad. I thought that was cute.
So, moving on, we took the bus back and accidentally dropped a stop earlier than we were supposed to but seeing the Baskin Robbins nearby, DC decided to have ice cream though the last minute she decided to get subway instead. We bought our tuna and seafood subs and had barely more than three bites before the little guy woke up from his nap and started crying. We hurriedly packed everything and went home, which was fortunately walking distance. The poor guy must have been really hungry since he finished his milk in about five minutes and proceeded to burp very loudly.
DC and husband have a gym session tonight so I’m going with them to the mall where their gym is at. While they exercise, I’m going to find a good spot to lounge with a book and have some coffee while I wait for them. Or, I could do a little shopping. Until the next update.

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