Oh Look, Krill!

Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

Brisbane Day 2: Day In The City

The day started out early for me, waking up at 7.30 because the sunlight was streaming through the window. After my shower, I actually went back to sleep because it actually helped me feel more relaxed. After a 2 hour nap, there was breakfast and around 11, we left for the City.
The bus ride was not long but I got to see alot of the houses around here and they looked very similar to Perth. We stopped near the City and took a walk down South Bank. It was really cool and though the scenery reminded me alot of Perth City, I agree with DC that Perth has more character and is actually very beautiful. Especially at night when viewed from the river. We walked on the boardwalk and came to the man-made beach nearby there. We were barely there for half an hour when the sky darkened and huge drops of icy rain started falling. Having left the rain protective cover in the car, we had no choice but to make a run for it to the nearest shelter. The rain wasn’t so bad so we thought that we would risk going across the bridge to the city but half way there, the winds were so strong that it inverted my poor umbrella and the rain came down heavier. Both of us were drenched to the bone but fortunately, the rain was coming from behind us so the baby was spared from getting wet. Even so, the poor guy had to endure the wind, the thunder and lighting. We managed to find shelter at a nearby building and it wasn’t a moment too soon because as we waited for the rain to stop, IT STARTED HAILING! I can safely say, that was my first experience with hail in the day time. The hail was small and not to heavy but still none the less fascinating for me. Coming from a tropical country, I’ve never seen hail until today. I’ve heard in falling on the roof previously when I was in uni but it was at night so I didn’t see any.
Anyway, we stopped for lunch at the food court that served halal food and after a good, filling lunch, we did a little shopping. Well, DC did, I just looked at the stuff as most of the things I could get back home. Though, I was very tempted to get the Potato Family bucket but it’s too damn bulky to bring home. Hopefully, Toys ‘R’ Us might have it in Singapore.
We took the train back to a station near where DC’s husband works and he picked us up. We’re going back to the city again soon since I didn’t get any souvenirs today since it was late and we had to catch the train before the rush hour. More updates to come. Pictures will be posted once I get home.