Oh Look, Krill!

Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

Brisbane, Day 1

It was a long flight, 8hours and the longest flight I’ve ever been on my life. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I checked in late and the only seats were center seats; no more windows and most importantly, no aisle seats. I have a habit of going to the bathroom rather often during flight so to be trapped in a seat with big, Caucasian men on either side made if very difficult for me. The same two  passengers also took up a lot of my personal space which resulted in me not having enough rest/sleep in flight. Couple that with horrendous airline food and you have a very, unhappy me.
Once we landed, there long queues to behold as two other planes landed at about the same time. Everything went smoothly though, I got through customs rather fast. Everything was declared and everything was given the green go to pass the sacred exit line and into the hallowed land that is Australia. DC and husband picked me up and the scenery from the airport to their home was similar yet different to Perth. I got to meet BM in person, after waiting all these months. He’s actually alot smaller in real life but twice as cute. This of course followed with me taking his pictures.
After a nice lovely shower, some lovely, hot food (and short power  nap) with DC as my guide, we explored the nearby shopping center, Westfield Shopping Center. I usually associated things by scent and the shopping center reminded me of the supermarket at the Murdoch area and Garden City Shopping center, both in Perth. The place was big, almost as large as Vivo City, but only one floor. At least I think it was one floor. Much walking about and after a short rest at the coffee area (with some orange Fanta and a feta cheese/spinach twist), chocolates were bought.
I had another nap and as always, I felt home sick. It feels to foreign and alien even though I’m staying with one of my oldest, best friends. Part of me wish that I can go home now but the other part of course thins that I’m crazy. One does not spend money on plane tickets, endure a horrible flight only to go home the next day. I just need to suck it up and relax. I need to enjoy my stay here. I think I will once this pounding headache goes away.
We’ll be having dinner in a little while and maybe I’ll turn in early today. I just hope that the time difference doesn’t make too much trouble for me. That’s it for now.