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Anal Retentive Much?

They say that Virgos are perfectionists almost to a fault and quirky, but I think that’s just a nice way of saying that we’re anal retentive. So here’s a list of some of my ‘quirks’:

1. Using one knife for the butter and a different one for the jam.
It drives me mad when someone uses the same knife for both the butter and the jam, especially just before I get to it. I don’t want any globs of jam in my butter or even streaks of butter in my jam. What’s so hard about getting another knife? Or if you don’t have a knife, use a spoon dammit! On top of that, they leave bread crumbs in the butter!

2. The butter/jam/spread needs to cover the entire surface of the bread.
I cringe when I see people just splat on the jam/butter/peanut butter/what ever without spreading it. The edges don’t even have any of the good stuff so how can you eat it?

3. Toilet rolls facing the wall? So wrong.
I will actually take that roll out and put it back with the roll facing out. Doesn’t anyone else get irritated to have the toilet paper facing the wrong direction?

4. Using double layer aluminium foils for my beakers.
Not only does it have to be double layer, the top has to be perfectly straight and pristine. Using wrinkled or even just slightly crushed aluminium foil will just make me want to smack you, throw that aluminium piece in your face and redo everything, MY WAY.

5. Want to touch my stuff? DON’T!
My stuff are arranged in order that only I know so anyone besides me would just mess it up and then I would just have to kill you. Besides, I deal with samples that denature easily so I take my work bench space seriously.

What are your little ‘quirks’ Internet?


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