Oh Look, Krill!

Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.


As promised, here’s the pictures of the railway track:


Lunch Time Adventure Of Sorts

Ever since I had the chicken rice at Commonwealth sometime last week, I’ve been craving for it. The rice was fluffy and full of flavour, the chicken was boneless and so tender, even the soup was tasty. I could go on and on but it’s suffice to say that the food there is good. I’ve been trying to get my colleagues to go there with me though our attempt to have lunch there on Wednesday was foiled due to the fact that the Shop Was Closed On WENDESDAYS! Gah! So anyway, we tried again today and thankfully they’re back in business. Our order arrived at 12.15pm and fifteen minutes of silence later, only the garnishing were left. I was sorely tempted to place a take-away order for later but I didn’t because that would be greedy Though as full as I am right now, I think I can polish of another plate or two of chicken rice.
After lunch, we decided to walk back to the office to, you know, exercise after eating all that oily, fatty but oh so delish food. We took a stroll through the Tanglin neighbourhood, stopping at an old coffee shop that serves really, really good coffee. The neighbourhood is old but has such a nostalgic but neglected air around it. The shops were mostly close and you don’t see any kids playing at the playground even though it is the school holidays. It was to bad that I didn’t take any pictures of the area as the area is very pretty.
To get back to the office, we had to cross the railway track and climb a somewhat short but steep hill. I have this fear that while we’re crossing a train would suddenly rumble up and run over us but somehow my colleagues didn’t think that that was anything to worry about. They stopped to take pictures standing on the track, taking pictures of the track, picking up lalang (Congo grass) and playing with forget-me-nots. I took a few photos myself since their enthusiasm was contagious. It was fun but I still worried that a train would come and kill us all so, being a wet blanket, I ushered them all quickly up the hill and away from track. Of course the train didn’t come since the train only ran twice a day or something like that. The sky was overcast as we made our way back to the office but fortunately for us, it only started to rain once we were comfortable back in our office.
It was a fun lunch time trip and maybe next time I’ll bring my camera and document our trip. Hopefully the next time the train won’t come either. 🙂
* Pictures to come as soon as I get home and upload it from my phone.
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