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A Phonecall Away

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Technology has made it easier for people to keep in contact with each other with emails and instant messengaing. Even then, it doesn’t beat actually talking to them on the phone and hearing their voice. It was a pleasent surprise when DC called me earlier and it was great to hear her voice again after more than a year. It’s almost as if that time spent away and the distant between us were almost non-existent.

Besides knowing that she’s good and well albeit totally exhausted, I got her her little boy fuss on her lap. I think he’s the cutest thing ever but then, I say that about all the babies I know. I’m glad to know that the package that was sent to them had arrived safely. The time zone difference made having a phone call difficult but it also made me appreciate her phonecall even more. It also makes me want to book my tickets as soon as possible so that we could meet up again.


One thought on “A Phonecall Away

  1. I know what you mean, I rarely just call a friend to chat these days. They either read my blog, email or maybe call quickly to set a lunch date up.