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My LoTR obsession. Passion. Life.

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In December 2001, when The Fellowship of The Ring first came out, I hadn’t wanted to watch it initially. It was L who convinced me that it was going to be a great movie. With much reluctance, I agreed. I almost fell asleep as the lights dimmed and the movie started but the moment Bilbo’s voice started describing everything concerning hobbits,I was hooked. For the next two years I looked forward to my movie even of the year and I would quiver in anticipation the week before the movies opened.

Just before the Return of The King opened in the cinemas, I decided that I had to read the books. I had to read what happens in the movie because I was dying with curiosity and I needed to know if Frodo survived. I needed it like my next breath. So the week before it opened, I went out and bought the books. I rushed through all three books, skipping all those long paragraphs of singing and during all that time, mentally comparing it with the movie.

It was such a different style of writing that I couldn’t really get into the book until the second half of Return of The King, where all the action is. I finished all three books in a week and I had a massive headache afterwards from trying to process and comprehend Tolkein’s writing. I thought that the books were such a drag though, Pete Jackson did a really awesome job of putting what ever is in the book on the silver screen.

Anyway, I told myself that I wasn’t going to read the books anymore. At least not for a long, long time. I didn’t think that I could ever drag myself to read the books again after the super fast reading I did. That is, until I didn’t have anything else to read (though I still have OoTP and HBP to re-read but that’s for another entry).

Early last week, I picked up The Fellowship of The Ring after two years of denying it’s existence in my collection. I wanted to give the trilogy a second chance and I hoped that this time it would be better. The going has been slow since I could only read it during my commute to and from work. After six days of reading for about an hour a day, I’ve only come to the part where the Black Riders have cornered the hobbits and Strider on Weathertop.

I have to say that taking thing slowly has given me time to appreciate all the songs sung by the characters when previously they just irritated me beyond belief. So far, the song that made goosebumps rise was the one that Aragorn sang about Beren and Luthien. Such a sweet yet sad love story. It makes me want to read The Silmarillion, though I think I want to finish the trilogy as well as The Hobbit (which I have yet to finish since I bought it in 2002).

I’m actually looking forward to finishing the books now that I’ve finally gotten to appreciate the way Tolkein writes. If you haven’t read the books yet, please do. So now leave you with funny clip from LoTR, courtesy of YouTube.


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  1. if i still maintained a blog, i would do the meme. oh. and when you get to the office and i am not in my seat, look up and see if am floating and if i need any help getting back down. heh.