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The one where I talk about boobs, bras and underwear

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Warning: Topic will consist of talking about boobs, bras, underwear and various lingerie items. You have been warned.
It’s really weird being back at work after more than a week of absence. Everyone was of course curious about the surgery to which I told them, DON’T EVER DO WHAT I DID! I wish I didn’t have to go back to work but alas, the hospitalization leave was only until yesterday. I’m glad that it’s a holiday tomorrow because I’ll have the long weekend to recover from today’s ordeal before having to march back to the front line go back to work on Monday.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about the main topic, underwear! One sure way of getting to do something, is to tell me not to do it. So, if you tell me not to spend all my money on underwear, of course it’s natural for me to want to go out and buy every single cute underwear I see.

You see, I’m a very big fan of cute, colourful, fancy undergarments. The more colourful, cute and fancy, the better. You can say that I have an obsession.

Throughout puberty and early adulthood, I’d always been made self-conscious of the way my body filled out. Or more like, not filled out. I wasn’t blessed with my dad’s side of the gene pool where the women are full figured and busty. I was a scrawny, flat-chested female who was made to feel inferior for the way God made her. You can imagine how low my self-esteem might have been then. Everyone kept saying I’m never going to be beautiful/pretty/attractive because your breasts are small, that nothing suits you, it just looks like they put the clothes on a hanger. Even my mum didn’t help much.

It took me many, many years before I was comfortable enough with my body to not give a shit about what other people say. I’ve gained some weight during those years and have filled out some. That helped a little but what really helped me from feeling hurt or downtrodden from their comments was to develop thicker skin and the ability to just not care. I remember telling my cousin straight in the face that it’s a good thing I’m a lot more mature now to see her comment as a joke because if I was younger and my self-esteem was low, I would have been scarred. It shut her up a little to my satisfaction.

It was about 7 years ago when Pierre Cardin started coming out with cute patterned bras. The one that caught my eye was the one that had a cute little cow on one of the cups. It also had matching undies with a cow printed on the front. I’ve lusted for Pierre Cardin lingerie every since. Having gained enough weight (and having my cup size go up by one) and the spending power, I could finally indulge myself.

What started with one pair for Halloween (it had a pumpkin print on the cup and matching undies) ended up being an addiction. I’d get a pair or two almost every month and those months that I didn’t buy any, just walking through the lingerie section would be enough. Having the Metro card just made the addiction worse since I get a 10% discount on purchases. My latest undergarments obsession are the boy-legged pants from Butt-Ons at Far East Plaza. They’ve got the cutest, little underwear I’ve ever seen in ages. They’ve got a wide variety of undergarments, even clothes and accessories. They’ve also got Bikini sets too but I think Sheer Romance has a better selection of bikini sets.

This addiction might burn a little hole in my wallet but I don’t mind. I find that having pretty undergarments (be it just cute or colourful), it makes me feel more confident and happy. Putting on pretty undergarments is always a good start to the day. Some days, it does get a little tricky trying to find a top that isn’t too transparent that it shows the patterns of the bra underneath but that doesn’t happen often.

I’m getting paid next week and for sure, I’ll make a stop at the lingerie section Metro but I won’t be blowing my whole pay on them. Just a little bit, to add to my collection.


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  1. females and their lingerie. its a whole set of complicated science equations going on in there. 🙂