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Music Lovers, Unite!


I finally decided to remove all four of my wisdom teeth. Brave or just plain foolish? The jury is still out on that but to take my mind off the impending surgery, I went shopping!!

I went to town and bought island boy’s birthday presents and his birthday card. Stopped by the west side of the island to pick up the denim jeans that I ordered earlier this week before going to the mall near my house for the other birthday present for island boy. Hopefully he’ll like the stuff I got.

After reading Dooce’s entry about looking for music, I realised how bored I am with the music that I have in my computer. Flipping through the newspaper yesterday, I read the reviews for Pink’s latest album, I’m Not Dead and decided to check out the video and songs online. I like what I saw and hear so I got the album. Don’t regret it one bit.

Another album that I’m contemplating about by Skye. She was the lead for Morcheeba and even though I didn’t really listen to Morcheeba that much, I did like the way she sounded. Her songs are laid back and really nice to relax and lounge to. More than before, I really wish that I have a room of my own with my own stereo just so that I can play her kind of music while I just lie in bed, reading the latest book that I got and relax.

Maybe I should check out 3hive, the site that Dooce was talking about for new musical inspirations. The only exposure I get for music is the radio and we all know that the local radio only plays mainstream stuff; none of those cool indie or non-mainstream sounds.


3 thoughts on “Music Lovers, Unite!

  1. I took out my tonsils a month ago and don’t regret it one bit. All for the sake of no more chronic sore throats.Coincidentally I’m also thinking of getting my wisdom teeth out. haha. Will have to judge from your experience to make my decision.

  2. thanks for dropping by πŸ™‚

  3. i’m glad, and also honoured that you enjoy what i write. coincidentally I also relish your style of writing. Hope you don’t mind if i hang around πŸ™‚