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What happened to Old Macdonald’s farm?

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I was flipping channels this morning and there was these three CGI girls, doing some silly dance ala Para Para Sakura and singing Old Macdonalds. Ususally, I’d just continue with the channel flipping but what struck me as odd was that there were singing, “Old Macdonalds had a farm.”

All my life, I’d been singing it as Old Mac has a farm so, hearing it in past tense was just weird. It made me think, what happened to the farm? Did Ol’ Mac die? Or did he sell his farm to developers so that he can move to the city? Did he lose the farm? What? What happened?

Am I just being weird thinking about this or is it just something that is just is?


One thought on “What happened to Old Macdonald’s farm?

  1. I learned and always sang it “had.” But now tha I think about it, did his farm get reposessed? did he die? the can of worms has been opened. . . .