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Ice Age at Cathay Cineplex

Last night, a few friends and I went to watch Ice Age 2 at the newly revamped Cathay Cinema at Doby Ghaut. The cinema had been closed for close to a decade, it finally opened it’s doors again this week. There’s only the cinema there now but soon, they’re going to have some F&B outlets and maybe shopping too.

At the cinema level, they have the kacang putih shop, the snack bar of course, a souvenir section that made me lust after the LoTR watches, pendants and rings, and they even have a lounge for those who’d like to have a few drinks before leaving. I’m not sure if the lounge is only for VIPs but it looked kind of cool. Total of about 9 or 10 theaters, including one that only features art films. The overall look of the place is nice but almost the same as the one at Cineleisure, except for the newness feel to it.

Our movie was played at The Grand Theater and if anyone has ever watched a movie at the Prince theater (aka Shaw Towers at Beach Rd), the theater looks much like that. Even though that the theater was smaller, it had a grander feel. The seats were wide and comfy, and I wished that all the movie theaters were like that. Here’s some pictures of the theater that I took before the show started (click on the picture for a bigger look):

Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket

Pretty huh?

Anyway, the movie was good, much better than the first one. I thoroughly enjoyed it so much. After dinner at the Rex chicken rice place nearby, on our way back to the train station, I got my friend to take a picture of the main entrance of the cinema. However, she has yet to email me the picture so it’ll be sometime next week that I’ll be able to post the picture. It’s pretty and I’m really glad that they decided to keep the original look of the theater.

Have a good, long weekend internet.


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