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Introduction to the Island Girl

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I was born an island girl but spent most of my childhood in the main land of Malaya. At the age of 7, my parents thought that it was time for me to come back home. Not only that, my mum was about to give birth to my first sister that year too. So back I came and I started school here, for which I’m eternally grateful for. Life would have turned out drastically different if we had stayed and I wouldn’t have met the people who have made such an impact in my life. The island girl wouldn’t have met the island boy either if she had stayed where she was.

I love my tiny, red-dot of an island but there are days that I wish I didn’t live here; the rude people, the never ending construction, the cloying humidity that makes even the straightest hair frizz and did I mention the rude people? I know there are rude people every were but some times I think the rude islanders brung rudeness to a new level.

Some times, I wish I can just pack up and go and start fresh at another place but the only things that are holding me back are the family, the food and the efficiency. Sigh… No matter where I go, my tiny island will always be home, rude people and all.


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  1. I hear ya!! Seriously, I know exactly what you mean re: efficiency and food and so I know how it can be nice inspite of the rudeness.